Welcome to our Berry Creek Ranch

Your Hosts Gordon and Julie Larson
Thanks for your interest in the Berry Creek Ranch. For many of you this may be your first stay on a working ranch. The Berry Creek Ranch was purchased by Gordon and Julie Larson in January of 1998. Hailing from early Oregon settlers the Larson’s are an Oregon family dating back to the 1800s where they settled in Wallowa and Union Counties.

Gordon is a retired Commander for the Oregon State Police, he spent his early days as a detective assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force in Portland and spent many years as an undercover detective working large cocaine distribution rings from Los Angeles to Seattle. Later in his career, Gordon pursued his childhood dream becoming a Fish and Wildlife Officer and has a tremendous passion for protecting Oregon’s Fish and Wildlife. Later as a Sergeant and Area Commander for much of Eastern Oregon he worked hard to help the communities he lived in and ensure that all citizens and wildlife were protected to the best of his and his officer’s abilities.

Julie is a Southern California girl who was born for adventure and travel. While travelling the world, skiing and working as a flight attendant from her home in Bend she and Gordon met and were an instant match. 25 years later she still gets him out on the slopes along with their 2 boys Soren and Quinn, skiing many of the resorts in the Pacific Northwest. Julie is not afraid to work. In fact a few years ago she was thrown from a horse moving cattle breaking most of her ribs. Being dirty mom tough like may many women in the northwest she got up (albeit slowly) and got right back on to finish moving cows. The doctors later told her she was beyond tough.

Here you will find peace and quiet and remarkably slow internet… Our Former home has recently undergone a number of upgrades and we hope you make yourself at home and enjoy your time on our outfit. The following pages will detail some of the amenities and details about your stay. Please do remember you are in a remote area and life is slower here… at night the stars and milky way are bright and the wolves and coyotes let you know they enjoy the view as much as you….its normal to here the yip of a coyote or the sound of a bugling elk from the comfort of the living room. They pose no threat and we love the splendor as we know you will that accompanies this lifestyle

As an aside you will notice many burned trees and piles of brush. If you were watching the news in 2015 you know that Oregon experienced the worst wildfire in its history, destroying over 50 homes, hundreds of building and burning hundreds of millions of board feet of timber. That fire began in the Berry Creek drainage and completely razed what was arguably one of the most beautiful ranches in Oregon.

Not wanting to wallow in self pity the Larson family began rebuilding. While all of the old timber frame barns and one home were burned to the ground one shop remained the one located next to the corrals where Gordon has a workshop and is often found forging a branding iron or piece of steel on a hundred year old anvil. With unbridled enthusiasm Gordon and Julie have been working to replace the livestock that was burned or killed by the fire. They are rebuilding the barns and have installed a new irrigation system that is fish friendly to the endangered steelhead that spawn every spring right below the Berry Creek cabin.

Take a look at the following pages, get to know what is allowed and what’s not on our outfit and please ask questions. And if you feel like you want to have a ranch experience ask Gordon or Julie if you can help feed the cattle from the back of a hay wagon one morning. Of course our attorney makes you sign a waiver that you do so at your own risk :>

The Larson’s – Gordon, Julie, Soren and Quinn

Enjoy some peace and quite at the Berry Creek cabin.

Endangered Steelhead spawn right below the Berry Creek cabin.

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