Cattle Ranch

FARM TO TABLE PROGRAM On the Berry Creek we raise all natural hormone free grass fed beef we sell directly to the consumer. Our Ranch is small family ranch with a several hundred of acres of deeded land and several large sections of adjacent leased range land. Our cattle are raised and bred here. Not purchased at a feed lot and fattened like many of our competitors. Our cattle are selected from top quality Angus cows and purebred bulls we own. The cattle graze native seasonal grasses and hay harvested from ours or nearby ranches. We do provide a 30 to 45 day finish prior to harvest of natural oats and barley in addition to the native grasses and hay we feed. We believe our program provides a superior quality cut of meat. We are proud of our program and the value it represents to our customers. We offer our buyers a unique opportunity to come to the ranch and interact with our stock. Bring your family or friends (limit 4 people) for 2 to 3 days on us. Spend time feeding and interacting with our cattle and horses on the ranch while learning about and seeing where the food you feed your family comes from. We believe in the humane treatment of our livestock. Our family strives to ensure that all livestock is properly cared for and well fed with an emphasis on placing as little stress on the animal as possible up to and including when they are harvested. While your here you will go out with us and feed cattle ( including your steer) on a vintage John Deere hay wagon with one of us or our ranch hand “Maddy” . You and your family can participate in the care and preparation of a high quality beef that is raised right and treated ethically from our farm to your table. If feeding cattle in the early morning hours is not for you, sleep in or walk around the ranch along the creeks or pastures. Catch a trout and have a fire by the pond. Our goal is to have you comfortable with not only where you food comes from but seeing firsthand how and who raises your food. Later when you serve our beef to your family and friends you will have the comfort of knowing that you contributed to the food that you eat (assuming your willing to share). We believe that when you understand where your food comes from and see firsthand how it is raised, you gain appreciation for it. Be our guest in the Berry Creek Cabin and make it both an educational trip and a unique vacation for your family. Here you will not only see a unique part of Oregon that is culturally rich, but also enjoy a vacation that you will remember every time you serve up a steak or roast you purchased from the Berry Creek Ranch

There is no fee for staying on the ranch if you are participating in our farm to table program. Note we only have a few left for spring 2018 they are going fast call for availability on dates and steers. Your lodging will be at our cabin which sleeps 4. It has 2 bedrooms a bathroom and a comfortable deck to sit and stargaze or watch the steelhead spawn and the trout jump. It sits alongside Berry Creek in a secluded spot near a pond stocked with large trout. It’s a great place to spend a weekend with the kids, hike the Strawberry Mountains or mountain bike on one of hundreds of trails.

Now down to the question of how much will it cost

The cost for our beef is 4.25 per pound hot hanging weight when it arrives at the butcher shop in Canyon City. This price is all inclusive and includes cut and wrap. We don’t ship our beef to a commercial feed lot. We use local butchers who come to the ranch. Our steers are euthanized quickly and humanely on site. They are quickly processed and taken to Russell’s Custom Meats in Canyon City. Russell’s Custom Meat and Deli Canyon City, OR 541-575-0720 The owners of Russell’s meats, Tracy and Kathy Moss are long time residents of the area. Kathy is the one you will talk too about your how you want your beef, wrapped and packaged. Kathy is a published author and well known cowboy poet, and takes the time to listen to you about exactly how you want your meat packaged and wrapped.

To fully understand what hanging weight is it is important to know they 3 weights commonly used in ranching

The first is LIVE WEIGHT. This is what the animal weighs on the hoof when you see it in the pasture. The live weight for our Angus steers usually averages between 1000 to 1300 lbs. We want to balance the frame of the steer with appropriate muscle and fat so we harvest at the optimum time for the quality of the meat.

HANGING WEIGHT – This is the weight that the butcher gives us after the animal has been harvested and taken to the butcher shop. The difference from live to hanging weight is the weight of the carcass without the hide, head or internal organs. The hanging weight is generally 60% of the live weight. So, a 1200 lb animal would have a hanging weight of approximately 700 to 750 lbs (estimated). This is the weight we base our price on.

The final is weight is the CUT AND WRAPPED WEIGHT. In order to understand how much meat you will end up a good rule of thumb is that a 1200 pound steer will generally yield between 450 and 500 pounds of retail cuts.

Example of cost. (Examples only – weights can vary this will be close but not exact) You purchase one of our grass fed beef, during finishing it will still be free range in a pasture with other steers and or bulls. To enhance flavor we will finish it on green grass, some mixed legumes including alfalfa and sweet clover and 4 pounds of non- gmo oats/barley a day for 30 to 45 days before harvest. Upon harvest your natural beef weighs 1200 pounds on the hoof. Hanging weight is 725 pounds. 725 x 4.25 a pound = $3,081.25. After cut and wrap the amount of meat you bring home comes to 460 pounds. Your final cost for a premium farm to table beef is a little over 6.50 per pound. Couple that with a week end on an Eastern Oregon Ranch and we offer an experience that is hard to beat.